Toddler proofing a home is not for the faint of heart. For starters, you now have to consider almost every item that was once harmless as a possible danger to your child. That includes items of furniture, such as bookshelves and tall stools. Even your TV could endanger a curious toddler.

However, some hazards are more difficult to identify than others. No matter how confident you are that your home is safe for a bold toddler, always be on the look out for those less obvious—but no less deadly—household items.

Toxic Houseplants

Some species of houseplant, such as philodendron or elephant's ear, are oxalate plants. This means that their juices contain oxalate crystals, which although tiny, are sharp enough to irritate a toddler's mouth and throat. If a toddler decides to bite into one of an oxalate plant's leaves, they will experience intense pain followed by swelling and difficulty swallowing.

If you aren't sure about your plants, either look up their names and details on the internet or ask someone who knows plants, such as a member of staff at a local garden centre.  

Beanbag Chairs

Toddlers and beanbag chairs are a fatal combination. If a toddler unzips a beanbag, they could choke on the tiny balls inside it. They could also suffocate if they climb inside the bag.

Either give your beanbag chairs away, or, throw them out. Keeping them somewhere in your home means there is always a chance, no matter how small, that your adventurous toddler might find them. 

Window Blinds

Corded window blinds are a strangulation hazard. Replace these with cordless alternatives to ensure your toddler does not become entangled.

Furniture With Tobacco-Smoke Residue

Various studies on the harmful effects of third-hand smoke exposure, found that people who are exposed to third-hand smoke are at risk of developing various health issues. For example, the toxic nature of third-hand smoke residue can damage DNA and even cause behavioural changes.

The health risks are even greater for toddlers since they are shorter and thus, closer to contaminated surfaces such as couch cushions or carpets. If any of your furniture once belonged to a smoker, toss it.  

Hire a Rubbish Removal Service

You should hire a skip bin and rubbish removal service to come and help out! Getting rid of all these items at once will be a lot more convenient than having to dispose of them separately. 

Once the hazardous items have been disposed of, you can relax—at least emotionally!